Take the First Step Towards a Healthy Lifestyle

Did you know that over 70% of Americans experience hydration issues? Yes, you read that right! More than 7 out of 10 Americans aren’t getting enough water each day. Moreover, the right kind of water!
Fortunately, AQUAsmart offers a viable solution to ensuring that your body gets an adequate and replenishing allowance of water each day. With our premier electrolyte-rich alkaline water products, you can ensure complete hydration for your body, even when you’re on-the-go.
Numerous studies have highlighted the importance of maintaining a healthy body pH balance. And with AQUAsmart, you’ll have the assurance and help you need to take the first, and most important, step towards a healthier lifestyle change!

The benefits are derived from the formulation of the all-natural additives along with the high pH of 9.5.

Our special formula includes:

9.5 pH – Detoxifies the body by ridding it of acids. Balances the pH of the overly ACIDIC Western diet. Antioxidant properties naturally flush out cells…and more.
Calcium – Electrolyte and natural antacid, controls blood pressure, aiding in weight loss and its key role is fortifying bones. Also helps with maintaining heart rhythm, muscle function, and more.
Potassium – Helps control heart and kidney function and blood pressure. Aids in digestion and helps to prevent cramps. Low potassium can result in high blood pressure, stroke, arthritis, and even cancer.
Magnesium – Crucial to all bodily functions. Low magnesium can cause inflammation in joints (arthritis), heart disease, and diabetes. Aids in weight loss.


Diseases are Preventable! By drinking alkaline ionized water, you can help counteract the acids in the foods and drinks you consume. Having both pH buffers and antioxidants within your body, you naturally improve your chances for maintaining optimal health…and that means preventing disease.

Tired of Feeling Tired?

If you’re dealing with that sluggish groggy feeling and experiencing chronic fatigue, it’s time to make the switch to vitamin-enhanced alkaline water. TRUbalanceWATER is an exclusive brand of great-tasting 9.5pH level alkaline water. We carefully manufacture our water products to especially meet the highest standards in the industry. Not only that, our water is infused with the goodness of potassium, calcium, and magnesium. We’re committed to offering you a healthy alternative to acidic sugary beverages like colas and energy drinks. So, consider TRUbalanceWATER today, and experience the difference!

Real Health Benefits – Just for You!

Vitamin-enhanced water is known to be great for the body and is always better than tap water. AQUAsmart can help restore your body pH balance and improve metabolism. If you’re on any kind of diet plan for weight-loss, replacing regular drinking water with our products can help improve your results significantly. How is this possible? Well, as you already know, water naturally helps boost your metabolism and cleanses the body of toxins and waste. However, our electrolyte-rich water goes a step further by ridding your body of free radicals and effectively removing access water retention.

At the same time, we recommend AQUAsmart WATER for patients dealing with chronic pain and diabetes. Overall, alkaline water has many tremendous benefits. But did you know it’s also known to help reduce the initial signs of aging and has natural detoxification properties?  With no added sugar, you’re always bound to make a healthy choice with AQUAsmart WATER. And thanks to the presence of electrolytes, you will never feel dehydrated!

Lastly, when it comes to taste, our water products can beat most of the other brands in the market, and you will feel the difference with every sip! So, if you’re currently engaged in an alkaline-based diet, or seriously considering it, AQUAsmart WATER products are a great compliment to your new healthy lifestyle choice.

Drink Alkaline Water for Mental Clarity

When you’re on-the-job or on-the-go, most of us prefer to remain mentally sharp and functional. When we don’t drink enough water and stay hydrated, we begin to develop fatigue and become sluggish. Multiple employee studies have been able to link dehydration to decreases in physical and mental performance.

In fact, dehydration can occur not only from not drinking enough mineral-enhanced water, but also from consuming high-sugar beverages and sodas, a lot of caffeine, and even from smoking. Sugar, other artificial food additives, caffeine, and cigarettes can slowly deplete oxygen levels in the body. However, water naturally replenishes and provides cells with the hydration needed to function at optimal levels.

It’s especially important to stay hydrated at work or in school. When we’re hydrated with electrolyte-rich alkaline water, we have mental clarity and sharpness, and we ultimately function and perform much better.