Whether your love it or hate it, Jäger always results in a good time. It is a drink that can be had on its own, or made into other drinks such as Jägerbombs, a mix of Jäger and energy drink that is made all around the world. Our specially designed formula was created to provide you with the best tasting Jäger in the world. Jaguar is our very own Jäger inspired drink. It adds class and flavour to any celebration or party or celebration that you may be having.
Our formula consists of only the highest quality ingredients. We search the world to find the best ingredients, then distil them together to create only the best tasting Jäger. Our distillery is located in the heart of America, where our researchers test the best ways in which we can formulate a great tasting drink to our consumers. At DoubleTree, we believe that only the best is suitable for our customers, which is why we believe our Jaguar is suited for any celebration or event you may be hosting or going to.
Our unique formula not only allows for a unique yet classy taste, but also feels great at the same time. With a silky-smooth texture, our Jaguar is only for the classiest of people. The texture will have you confused as to whether or not this is even an alcohol, so smooth that it goes down like water. Unlike many other alcohols on the market, our drink will not have you feeling awful after you’ve drunk it. The deluxe flavours will provide you with a feeling of greatness and fill you with confidence. When drinking our Jaguar, you will experience a flavour that you have never experienced before.
No matter your alcohol preferences or tastes, we know that you will love our Jaguar. Try it today and go on an alcohol experience like no other.