Instant incredible flavor with on draw activation. No buttons or complicated settings.

Battery is fully charged and has enough SaltNic e-liquid to substitute for an entire pack of cigarettes.

Pocket sized pod allows you to enjoy your active lifestyle free from smoke.


We are a leading provider of e-cigarette kits, and here to enhance your smoking experience in every aspect. Our kit includes all that you need to get started, and are designed based on our slogan taste the baste.
The kit comes with a long-lasting 260mAh battery that can easily keep up with your smoking habits. While offering you easy maintenance, and lightweight design. With a lightweight body you can easily carry the kit in any bag, purse, or pocket you wish to; ensuring safety and ease of carriage at the same time.
When the kit runs out of battery, all you need is to take is USB charging plug, and wait for a short time for it to recharge. The kit will recharge in no time, so you can move forward and enjoy the different flavors life has to offer. Why only smoke, when you can enjoy a thick puff with a smooth inhale.

E-Cigarette Pod

We are offering you a wide range of pods that come in different flavors. Each pod is inspired by a different flavor, set of offer you a unique and enjoyable smoking experience. These tasteful and powerful flavor pods can easily be attached to our kits for a quick and enjoyable smoking experience.
Each pack of pods we offer contains four pods, and each pod offers you smoke and puffs you get from one cigarette pack. Making sure a single pod can easily last for a few days at the least. Our range offers the basic tobacco flavor but even comes in different and mixed fruit flavors.
These pods can easily be discarded once you are done with them, so you will never have to worry about a single thing. Enjoy a pure and true flavor from the first puff to the last in each pod. We have crafted these pods using premium grade materials that ensure great use and safety at all times.

Disposable Cigarette

The disposable cigarette features an easy to handle system, that comes with a beautiful design, and powerful experience. From the first puff, you will be able to take in a smooth drag, laced with flavors; as you exhale thick smoke. Offering you a complete experience that comes with a disposable design.
The disposable cigarette comes in a compact and easy to use design, that can be utilized discreetly at any time. Why make a mess, when you can enjoy a smooth smoking experience just by taking the disposable cigarette out of the box.
With a disposable cigarette, you will never have to worry about pressing buttons, priming, refilling, or charging. You just smoke and take in the flavor you love. This compact disposable cigarette contains approximately 400 puffs offering you more than enough to last you a while.